Start up career

Why I Chose Not to Be Shackled By My University Degree

A once-aspiring lawyer, I abandoned a bright and prestigious legal career (a woeful exaggeration) to work in a start-up.

Now doing Content Marketing at a Singapore e-commerce start-up, my curious situation never fails to intrigue most people, especially the wide-eyed pre-university interns in my company, hearts still full of ambition.

Like most Singaporeans, my parents brought me up to believe that my future success and happiness directly correlated to how well I did academically. Acing the PSLE, GCE ‘O’ and ‘A’ Level examinations were but checkpoints in this shared roadmap to my success, culminating in a “good” university degree and promising career prospects.

Things to do in Hanoi, Vietnam

3 Days in Vietnam: Things To Do In Hanoi

Back in June 2016, a series of mental breakdowns and overall done-ness with life prompted me to take an impromptu solo trip to Hanoi, Vietnam.

I booked my flight tickets off AirAsia for 2 weeks later (though at a morbidly expensive price of SGD$360) and looked forward to the promise of good food, aromatic coffee, cheap beer and plenty of time for idling – the only 4 pillars of my existence.