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Animal Crossing New Horizons Custom Designs

At the time i’m writing this blog post, i’ve put in about 230++ hours into my island and finally got my island to a 5-star rating!

While I initially spent a lot of time grinding bells to pay off Tom Nook the Crook, i’ve started to put some time into creating Custom Designs using the Pro Editor and decided to post them online so other Animal Crossing players can feel free to download and use them! I only have a couple so far but will keep updating this post as I create more.

Leave a comment if you use any of my codes!

Minimalism: Space. Light. Object. at National Gallery Singapore & ArtScience Museum

I visited the Minimalism: Space. Light. Object. exhibition back in December, set across two venues – the National Gallery Singapore and ArtScience Museum.

I’ve been taking more photos ever since I upgraded my phone to an iPhone XR and I’m trying to put in more effort into processing them (and posting them on my blog to justify the hosting costs).

But anyway I digress. I quite enjoyed the exhibition though it’s marketed quite heavily as a “made-for-Instagram” exhibition, meaning you’ll see quite a lot of people posing around (myself included, not shading anyone). Interesting video here:

Kinosaki Onsen Town

Things to Do in Northern Kansai, Japan (Amanohashidate, Kinosaki Onsen & More!)

We throng the streets of Japan for its cherry blossoms in spring, its bright vermilion torii gates, and its technicolour cities – however, there is much that has yet to be uncovered in the vast and culturally complex country that is Japan.

Just two to three hours away from the touristy favourites of Osaka and Kyoto is Northern Kansai – an undiscovered coastal region of Japan, encompassing Toyooka City and the Kyoto by the Sea region. A gateway to breezy seasides, rural landscapes, hot springs and some of the freshest seafood in the Land of the Rising Sun, this region offers both the rich culture of Kyoto City and the beachy charms of Okinawa.

Easily accessible with a JR West Kansai Wide Area Pass, here’s why you need to explore the road less travelled and visit Northern Kansai.

#throwback That Time I Was A Beauty Influencer

People who’ve only known me after I graduated from university may not know that I once had a mildly successful beauty blog back in the day.

Started by myself and a law school mate in 2012, we blogged about nails on our scrubby blogspot, Legally Nailed (law students + nails + Legally Blonde reference). I have since privatised the blog (the writing is atrocious) but you still can view some of the nail photos on our Tumblr and Pinterest (nail art and nail swatches).

Though blogging, just a few years ago, was a vastly different landscape, Legally Nailed managed to achieve quite a bit for for just a modest nail polish blog – from interviews, to brand sponsorships and collaborations. It was also a time that I had the patience and creativity to execute complicated, 2-hour nail art designs, shoot, edit and blog about them.

Here are some highlights:

Meiji Jingu Shrine

Tokyo in 45

Finally got the last of my photos out from my Toyko 2017 trip.

Here’s Tokyo in 45 photos.

Where to Eat & Drink in Tokyo: Coffee, Craft Beer Bars & Food

I’m not much of a foodie so I didn’t bother to seek out many “famous” food places while I was in Tokyo last year.

I did, however, make an effort to visit at least one coffee place and one craft beer place a day. Priorities, am I right? I honestly can’t really remember what I had for a lot of my meals (I think I had combini food and bar grub quite a bit!) and it doesn’t help that I don’t seem to have many photos of my food either.

Will You Hanami With Me? Cherry Blossom Viewing in Ueno Park, Tokyo

I travelled to Tokyo at the rear end of Spring in late April and I was pretty bummed because most of the cherry blossom forecasts indicated that I already missed the bloom in Tokyo.

I decided to try my luck anyway so on the first day that I landed, I immediately head down to Ueno Park. Thankfully, there were still cherry blossoms in bloom (though many of the trees were already bare). Even with the half-dying trees, Ueno Park was still so crowded and full of tourists that I couldn’t have the authentic hanami experience.

Nonetheless, whatever was left of the blooms were still very pretty and I have pictures to show for it so I guess I can officially check it off my Japan to-do bucket list?

Cat Café MoCHA Harajuku (猫カフェ MOCHA 原宿店)

I love cats (in case that wasn’t obvious enough) so when I was in Japan I had to visit a cat café.

I didn’t really know which cat café to visit (there are so many!) but Cat Café MoCHA stood out because of their fancy decor. Also because I saw it in a KickThePJ video.

Kimi No Na Wa. (Your Name.) Tokyo Locations

I had every intention to do an entire post on my trip to Tokyo last April (like what I did for my trip to Hanoi, Vietnam), but seeing as a year has elapsed and I have a few hundreds of photos to go through, I’ve decided to split them up into a couple of photo posts.

I watched the anime Kimi No Na Wa (Your Name) a couple of months before I flew to Japan so I set out to find the iconic staircase featured in the last scene of movie and in the promo images.

Here’s Why We Don’t Need To Talk About Eden Ang

[Additional commentary] While I think the first Rice Media article was written with good intentions,  it didn’t really address the issue of sexual assault (especially in the workplace and involving a person in a position of “power”). It invited the public to give their unsolicited and mostly victim-blaming opinions, shedding light on just how ignorant Singaporeans are with regard to the issue.

I was quite keen to write an article about the issue when the editor approached me, but after Rice Media published their follow up article, the editor actually asked if I could make some changes to the angle of my article. Basically they asked if I could talk about how the “real crime here is Eden’s cringe-worthy texts” – something that had more “virality” but grossly trivialised the matter.